When I Ride…

A day of rest…

Sunday is a day of rest. Not just for people but animals that labor as well.

Any athlete┬áneeds rest or down time for the body to recover and it’s the same for horses. I try to figure in a day of rest for each of the horses in my care and rotate each out onto some grass so they can just cut loose and be a horse. Lots of folks don’t like to turn their show horses or private horses out with others because they might get nicked up, kicked, bit…you know horses can play rough! It’s gonna happen sometime though. Might as well introduce them over a solid barrier of some kind where they can squeal, strike and act the fool for a few hours and then turn those suckers out and let the chips fall where they may. Socializing is so important for horses because they are herd animals. Heck, that’s the way God made them! There has to be that pecking order and if I am going to have a horse for a period of time, more than likely they will get ponied or be ponied off of. That means I ride one horse and lead another. They will be in close proximity of each other walking together over creeks and through brush. I want all that silliness out of the way before I get in the mix. Okay, I’m going off on a rabbit trail here.

My point is, let’s give ourselves and our horses a day to just be. We are human be-ings, not human do-ings, I once heard a wise man say. How about we extend that same courtesy to those who carry us on their backs for our pleasure? As my husband says,”It’s scriptural”.

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