When I Ride…

Snake Story…

The snake's "view"

We stood at least five minutes and watched that water moccasin moving around in a large puddle. We being the horse and me. It was moving around so much I thought it was two snakes. I rode a big Palomino today. He hasn’t seen a lot and was interested in this but only for a moment. When he quit watching and put his head down to try and eat I wondered…are horses afraid of snakes? Someone I was riding with, asked me that one time and I answered, I didn’t think so. “Well, in the movies….”, he said. Yea, I saw the Black Stallion kill the snake that was slithering toward the little boy. He stomped it to death.

Well, I have never seen a horse react to a snake. I always thought maybe they had an agreement. You don’t bite me, I won’t step on you. Which makes me remember a snake incident at my house.

I was raised to kill any poisonous snake I saw. That’s just what you did, kill the ENEMY.

One evening, I came home after dark and as I opened the screen door to go into the house I heard the rattle.

Heck. There’s a snake on the porch. I can tell it’s over to the right but I can’t see where. I shut the screen door and backed up. Maybe if I just stay to the left, I can get to the door. I opened the door again and didn’t even put my foot on the porch and it started to rattle. O.K., fine. I walked around the house till I found a window open and crawled in. Walking into the kitchen, I turned on the light to the porch and there it was. A medium sized rattlesnake coiled up on my kilim pillow on the seat of the rocking chair. The chair I sit in to take my boots off and one of my favorite pillows, I might add.

I called my husband to come dispense of the reptile because the last time I tried to kill a snake next to the house, I shot a hole in the wall with a shotgun. It wasn’t pretty.

He shows up with a pistol loaded with rat shot and shoots the snake while it is still lounging on my kilim pillow. The pillow is blown to shreds and the snake is flip, flopping around and splattering snake blood everywhere. There has got to be a better way.

The next time I saw a snake in the pasture I got down to start heaving rocks at it and I stopped. “Hey snake”, I said. I looked it right in the eyes and said, “How about you go tell all your buddies, if you all stay out of my yard, I won’t kill you when I see you out in the pasture”? I waited a minute to make sure it heard me ( kidding) and turned my back and walked away.

That was at least six or seven years ago and there has not been a snake in my yard since. Not that I’ve seen.

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