When I Ride…

Practice makes…progress

The saying is, practice makes perfect. Really? Perfect? I thought there was no such thing as perfect. That pretty much would make practice a waste of time if perfection was the goal.

I took Dash’s owner for her test drive today. I kept watching him as we walked along the trails and water’s edge. “I wish he would move out more, he isn’t neck reining like he should, he just tried to eat that grass” I thought. There I was picking him to death and then I looked at his rider. She had a smile on her face and was sitting his trot like she was in a rocking chair. From where she was sitting, life was good and she was riding one of her favorite horses. She felt safe and wasn’t working at keeping him at the trot. He had his head down on a loose rein and she was loving it!

Why is it that we always want more than what we are getting? Are our ego’s so crazy out of control that we view everything by how it makes us look?

I decided to start looking for evidence that this horse was doing everything right. I started feeling happier and more peaceful and by the end of the ride I was so pleased with his performance, I thought he had made me look pretty darn good.

I’m not looking for perfection in my horses. I’m looking for progress.

Perfect sunset

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One thought on “Practice makes…progress

  1. mndunn26 on said:

    Hi Lissa this is Mary Dunn. Thank you for those words of wisdom! For me it was a timely reminder….to look for the best in others…additionally, I read this statement last night..’We do not see others as they are….we see them as we are..’ WOW….that will give me something to think about!

    Thanks again for sharing.

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