When I Ride…

Watching the hooves in front of me…

My next door neighbors

Ahhh! The air conditioning feels so good. I love camping out in my horse trailer but to stand in the shower with all the warm water I want, food in the fridge and a husband who loves to cook, I love coming home too.

I spent this weekend at a clinic learning the ins and outs of Competitive Trail Riding. The clinicians were all National Champs or judges and my horse and I learned a lot about how we are as a team on the trail. I ride so much by myself that I didn’t know till now how much my Quarter Horse, LB Blues Clues or Minnow, as he is known around the barn, does not like to be left behind by the other horses. Wow. He threw himself a little temper tantrum when his buddy’s hind quarters disappeared around the other side of the oak tree mott. That’s what we call a small stand of oak trees in this part of Texas. A mott. Anyway, now I know what we need to work on. We also need to practice side passing across logs, backing up a hill and an assortment of other maneuvers I have never thought about doing on the trail but may need to be able to do one day. I also rediscovered how much I like my horse trailer.

My girlfriend, Karen, rode in the clinic as well and we really enjoyed being in the out of doors, sitting under huge pecan trees, sipping pinot grigio the first evening. It was a full moon and the cicadas were singing in the moonlight. Cool. We also drove to the Blanco River one afternoon and just sat in the water and giggled while the minnows nibbled at our toes. Good times.

The whole thing cost me about 45 bucks. I only say that in order to say this. I was thinking, like I do as I ride, about how I get into a rut of thinking something isn’t that special unless I had to try real hard, make lots of plans and spend a lot of money. This weekend I was reminded that our relationships are everything and without them, you could fly to Dubai on a private jet and spend a truckload of money at the tallest most spectacular resort hotel in the world but if you aren’t sharing it with someone you enjoy being with, it’s just an empty moment. I love spending quiet moments alone, don’t get me wrong. I’m just remembering the easy joy that comes from a moment spent laughing with a friend. It doesn’t cost a dime.

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