When I Ride…

Rain, rain…

Rain, rain, come and stay. Don’t wait to rain another day.

Just in time too. The grass was gasping in the pastures and the poor stunted sunflowers were wilting. I actually asked the farrier (horseshoer) to change Minnow’s back shoes to regular ones that grip because he was slipping around on the dry pasture grass on his show shoes. They are flat for sliding stops. Funny that we ask a horse to stop and then teach him to keep walking while his rear end is sliding along behind him. I know it’s “showy” but it’s kinda silly.

About the rain though. I have a metal roof. I love thunder. Sometimes when the rain gets harder, a big smile starts across my face as the drumming gets louder. I get so excited.

The barn is a great place to be when it’s raining. Sitting in the alleyway, the smells are more intense with the moisture in the air. Like every droplet holds a molecule of scent and as it hits the ground it’s released into the air. Barn perfume.The horses stand under the shed roof with one leg cocked to the side and their bottom lip hanging just a bit. Cats curled in the hay bales, only looking up to see if I’m going to feed them. When I keep walking, some follow me outside, the others rest their chins on their paws once again. I just want to know, what are the happy people doing today? Me thinks not something as wonderful as this.

Cats on a wet mounting block

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