When I Ride…

The sound of heat…

Today I did what I call a “trotting tune-up”. I ride the horse that needs the most assistance and then on each side of him I have a horse that I’m leading by a lead rope. So as we go down the road we are three horses wide. Kind of cool sounding when we are all trotting in rhythm. We take up the whole road but we don’t have that much traffic out here on the ranch. Maybe a jackrabbit now and then. Actually, as we were trotting along, I noticed how loud the cicadas are today. It’s cloudy but when the sun broke through, the hum of those insects got a little louder. Do they really respond to the sunlight? I heard a little girl say once that the sound of cicadas was the “sound of heat”. I love that. Warm breeze, rocking side to side…

Then the jackrabbit jumped out in front of us like an IED. All three horses jumped straight up and came down in their same footprints and froze. I swallowed my heart back down and we continued on like nothing had happened.

So now I’m looking for anything that I could avoid and started counting all of the different kinds of wildlife that I could actually identify.

Partial list: Killdeer, sulphur crested egret. Green Heron, great blue heron, red-tailed hawk, scissor-tailed flycatcher, buzzard and I will stop with the birds. White tailed deer, red eared sliders, perch, some kind of snake, lizard, cottontail, a squillion bugs ( harvester ants in photo) and the jackrabbit. That was in about 45 minutes.

There is so much going on out there! Who knows what was watching me ride by that I never saw. It’s easy to be lulled into a feeling of all is well with the world when I’m riding. Something can hit you so fast and your life changes in an instant. One moment you are laughing with a friend and the next you are in the emergency room. It’s inevitable. Life just does that. It’s what we do with it that matters.

harvester ants in the road

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