When I Ride…

Path of least resistance…

Being silly

My horse asked me this today…

What if the path of least resistance was the correct path? What if life is supposed to be easier?

When I was young I heard so often that something wasn’t worth it unless it was a little hard to achieve.

I took it to the extreme, like it was going to be better if I really suffered through it. A more noble endeavor. Friendships, marriage, being a parent, a job you have. All of these things will have their challenges, right? Nothing is going to be hunkey dorey ALL the time.

How about we just decide to be happy? We put so much energy into staying mad at someone, it would be so cool to put that energy into being happy with them. Can you imagine who you would be if you were not capable of thinking angry thoughts? Who would you be? Someone who is happy, more aligned with who you really are minus the ego?

I know when we get bucked off, the saying is “ to get right back on.Why? To conquer your fear or to get bucked off again? I’m not saying don’t finish something you started because it got a little rough, but sometimes it’s okay to just get on a different horse. One that has a more easy-going nature and will be more forgiving of whatever mistake made the other one buck you off? Why not get on that one and make your riding experience a nicer one?

We get one life.

Sometimes the best things in life ARE easy.

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One thought on “Path of least resistance…

  1. What you propose I’m doing in my life, and lo and behold, life has gotten easier by a bunch. Just started to apply that to my horse which you made so much safer and pleasurable! I’m having fun because I decided it doesn’t have to be hard. Thanks!!

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