When I Ride…

Days on the River…

While I was trying to find a low spot in the part of the Blanco River, that best fit my underside plus a beverage, I watched all the nieces and nephews, aunts and uncles and the one grandparent, my mom, make their way into the river as well. My dog, Punkin, was gingerly picking her way across as I started to hear the shrieks and exclamations of disbelief about how hard the minnows were chomping on people’s toes.

Summer. It’s a great time for a family reunion but not the best time to make any plans except to not have any. I really love that about my family. Some of the kids started talking about going down the river to the “cave”, an underwater cavity that can uncomfortably accommodate three or four people due to sharp rocks and the occasional spider, and pretty soon anyone who wanted to go was making their way to the door. If you cared enough about going, we knew you would be with us. No cajoling, no asking twice.

No favorites and everyone is welcome. Little kids, big kids, parents, dogs, we all watch out for each other.

Time to go to the store? Who needs something? Throw some money into the pot and someone goes. Usually my mom because she likes to be doing something if she isn’t out in the sun with us.

Other people show up too. Friends of friends that we consider family, the other parent from a blended family, family, family, family. In the end, that is really all we have, family we choose and the ones we are born into.

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