When I Ride…

Moments worth millions…

Spent the weekend in my horse trailer. It has a wonderfully comfy bed and a stove top, microwave, full bathroom and a TV to watch movies. What else does a person need? In the way of living quarters that is. I love stepping up into it and entering the world of Lissa. Books, movies, music and I can bring my dog inside if I want to.

So when my husband spent the weekend with me while we were at a triathlon he was competing in, I moved through my space a bit differently. He cooked, which he is so good at and I…cleaned, which is one thing that I am good at. I am a great cheerleader and that is what I did on Sunday. My stepdaughter swam, biked and ran in her first sprint length triathlon and my husband did an olympic length. They both did better than they thought they would so how great is that? I kept the trailer comfortable for before and after race festivities then cleaned it up and put it back in order for my next trip. A horse oriented trip.

The stall space is big and open so my horses can cruise down the highway safely and comfortably behind me while I pull my hotel room on wheels to the next fun location.

When I bought this trailer, I thought it was a lot of money. Where does money come from? From wherever it is at the moment. Not spending is like not trusting God to provide. Our Pastor says money is like a current,”because it is current-you-see”. I like that. I have gone through the Dave Ramsey course and Susie Ormand is someone I follow. I like to learn about sound money management techniques. I figure, when abundance  comes, I am going to be ready to make it work for me. I expect it to show up and it is just as easy for God to send me a million dollar deal as it is for Him to send me a $500 one. So I am going to be ready. While I am waiting, I will spend in a way that does not get me into trouble and never look back and regret. I love the moments of laughter and peace that I and my friends have spent in this trailer. They are worth millions.

Trailer interior

Thanks God.

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