When I Ride…

Watching waves…

Troncones coastline

I haven’t seen many horses on the beach in Troncones, Mexico.

I did see one yesterday. Small boned and quick footed, this little guy was traveling like a champ among the rocks and waves with his rider flicking him on the butt with a little quirt every other step.

The woman I am staying with down here is also a horse person. She was remembering a conversation she had had with a horse owner down here. “They don’t imprint their foals here”, she said. “They like them to be wild and untouched so they can rope them and play cowboy”. Imprinting is part of the new “natural horsemanship” style of training. When a foal is born, the human will touch it all over it’s body. I put my hands over it’s eyes, nostrils, put a finger in it’s mouth, in it’s ear and after it has stood up and learned to walk, we pick all of it’s feet up like a farrier would if it was having it’s hooves trimmed. The idea is to have them pretty gentle by the time we have to start doing this for real, rather than trying to muscle around a larger animal and turning it into a wrestling match.

Well, the Spanish culture is where the cowboy was born. it’s very traditional and lovely.

I’m enjoying the scenery and today I’m watching the waves.

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