When I Ride…

Thai massage…

A couple of years ago, I was here in Troncones, Mexico, to take surfing lessons for my 5oth birthday. After falling on my behind a few times I knew a massage was in order and had heard about Thai Massage. My girlfriend calls it “the lazy man’s yoga”. Maybe, but what a way to stretch. So my new friend, the Thai massage therapist, worked on me for two hours and I finished feeling like a bowl of al dente spaghetti with some of the cooking water still on it. Firm, flexible and a little oily.

Here I am again, two years later and looking for my massage friend. I find her and make an appointment. At the appointed time, I walked down to her house and relived the best massage ever.

I could rub my own feet all day and not get the results of someone else doing it for five minutes. Human touch. It is healing and essential. Sometimes when I go visit a friend who lives alone, they just want to be hugged. Is it an exchange of the energy that surrounds each of us? I don’t know, but the results are miraculous. We all need each other, to affirm who we are and remind us of who we want to be. Also, hugs are just good. It is comforting to know that someone cares enough about us to have that physical contact, that big arm wrapping squeeze that can melt away some of the stress of everyday living. In the age of emails, cell phones and Skype, physical contact is more valuable than ever.

Me on the beach in Troncones.

Hug someone and melt some stress.

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One thought on “Thai massage…

  1. I love your insight…such gems…keep up the good work.
    And, hope to play with you somewhere in the world soon!
    xoxoxo nat

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