When I Ride…

New Friends in a new place…

My new table runner and it's weaver.

I’m winding down on my trip to Mexico. The media in the States have really done a number on this country in their reporting of the violence around the borders with the United States. I almost talked myself out of coming because of all the warnings people gave me due to what they had heard or read.

The beauty of the people, country and culture of Mexico is being avoided because of the murders and kidnappings resulting from mafia territory wars along the borders but that would be like avoiding the state of Michigan because of murders in Detroit. Do you not fly because of one scary, turbulent ride a few years ago?

I thought I was going to die once or twice.

It is my belief that to avoid surfing because there might be a shark, avoid flying because the plane might crash or avoid Mexico because you might get kidnapped is to miss out on an opportunity to meet and appreciate artisans, chefs, adventure types, hard-working entrepreneurs, warm and grateful shop owners and surf instructors who are truly gifted and just want to share a secret. The secret that Mexico is a treasure right next door, waiting to be discovered and enjoyed by people who aren’t afraid.

Turn off CNN and come on down! The barbacoa tacos are still warm!

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