When I Ride…

Starting the fillies…

Well, it looked like it would be a productive day.

Got up bright and early and walked to the barn. It must be the cold front but I could swear it feels like it is only 75 degrees this morning!

Day before yesterday, I brought up two of the eight fillies in the mare pens. These girls are half sisters, both have Miss Dee as a mother but different dads. Miss Dee really passes on her beautiful, elegant head with big gooey eyes and flat forehead, long mane and forelock. The fillies, I have yet to name, are both sorrel with almost a flaxen mane and tail. They are more than ready to start under saddle and that is my goal. I am taking them to the young man who starts colts for Larry and Becci Gonzales, over at Gonzales Cutting Horses in Elgin, Texas, and get the process started.

When I turned 50, I decided I was too valuable to start the young horses anymore. You get tossed enough in life for a variety of reasons, I finally got tired of it. Last time I think I laid there so long, my son stood over me and asked if I was alright.

I loved all of it except the first ride. Preparing, driving under long reins and everything leading to that first moment in the saddle was great but I needed someone in the roundpen with me to take that first ride and I lost my help several years ago.

It’s all for the best though.

So, today I am grooming, and teaching them to stand while their feet are being trimmed. If all goes well, tomorrow we will start loading in and out of the trailer.

Sparky’s daughter is pushy. She steps into my space and doesn’t move off when I push her away. The other filly, I don’t remember her dad’s name, is a little more stand-offish. All of those issues will be corrected in the round pen. I have a large personal space when it comes to horses. Saves me on the bumps and bruises.

I’m taking them to Elgin the week after Labor Day weekend. Follow along and read about

One of Dee's daughters

the girl’s progress.

Guess I’ll have to decide on some names!

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