When I Ride…

Fillies in a Hurricane…

Wet Horses

The next morning at approximately 6:45am, Hurricane Hermine began to let her rain loose on Elgin, Texas. By 10:00am she had dropped 3 inches and by 8:40pm, 8 inches.

At 7am, Adam, the young man from down under, walked out to gather Queenie and Dora and lead them to a different pen that had cover from the rain. Queenie walked up and put her head into the halter but Dora stood back. Here was a strange man, he had on a hoodie and it is pouring down rain. Did she really want to go with him? No.

After a bit of persuasion, she accepted the halter but she still wasn’t sure she wanted to follow him. I looked out the window of the trailer and there was Adam, soaked, standing in the downpour, patiently pulling Dora this way and that coaxing her to come with him and Queenie.

Sorry, Adam, I thought to myself. “Guess I could’ve worked with her more on being led.”

Well, she is in good hands now and he will take care of that little challenge soon enough. Queenie, on the other hand was all over it. She kept looking back at Dora as if to say, “What’s the hold up, Dora? Let’s go see if this guy is taking us to feed.”

They are now in their new digs but the training will have to wait. The round pen is under water.

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