When I Ride…

Queenie and Dora’s Excellent Adventure…

Dora in forground, Queenie in back

These are the names of the two fillies I have taken to the trainer. Queenie is smaller and cooperative. Dora is larger and not so cooperative but she isn’t a winch. She just doesn’t think humans can be thoroughly trusted yet.

They had their feet trimmed for the first time and recieved their worming medicine.

I spent one day teaching them to load and unload in a big cattle trailer. They had lots of room to move about and could see there were no horse eating monsters inside. The next day I load and unload them into the enclosed horse trailer. In there, they had to stand tied and be squeezed at a diagonal into their prospective spaces. The door closed and I drove around the ranch, taking turns, starting and stopping and going up and down hills. My intention was to let them experience all the possibilities on the ranch before we head out onto the highway.

Next day, Queenie and Dora stepped up into the trailer and we were headed south. It was a 3 hour drive and they rode peacefully, not a peep.

When they stepped off the trailer at Gonzales Cutting Horses, I put them into the “two year old” pen and they happily grazed while I got the living quarters trailer, my home for the next week, hooked up to electricity and water. I put my show horse, Minnow in the designated stall and sat down for a congratulatory glass of Pinot Grigio. Whew!

I’m relieved that the preparation of the two girls paid off. They looked happy as I closed my eyes at the end of the day.

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One thought on “Queenie and Dora’s Excellent Adventure…

  1. Way to go Girls!

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