When I Ride…


Working a 2 year old on "the flag"

Today I woke up kind of down. Maybe it was the barometric pressure or some such nonsence after the hurricane but I just wasn’t myself. I felt kind of silly about it because I am so blessed, especially right now here at Larry and Becci’s, watching Adam start the girls and riding my favorite guy, Minnow.

My friends know, I spend a lot of time in my head and lately, family issues have me a bit wonky.

As I was warming Minnow up to work on the flag, I started thinking about just cancelling my lesson today. I just wasn’t into it.

The flag is a great way to train a cutting horse without the live cattle, in a small space and there is not the pressure of all the cattle on a young inexperienced horse. It is on a cable that moves back and forth by remote control and the flag mimics the movements of the cow.

So I got to thinking, how do people compete when it’s their time but they are not mentally ready? I asked Larry. He trains people as well as horses.

When you walk in that gate, you leave your troubles at the door”, he said. “This is what you love, this is your time. Don’t let anything or anyone take it away from you. You have to fight for it”.

I think we had the best work ever. When I work Minnow, it is like dancing with my best friend. He tries so hard to do what I want and I just love him for it.

When I get home next week, I’m hanging a big plastic bucket by the arena gate. I will write on it in magic marker, LEAVE YOUR TROUBLES HERE

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One thought on “Emotions…

  1. Oh Girl! I just love that!

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