When I Ride…

First Ride…

I went into Austin to see mom after riding Minnow in a lesson during the hurricane rains yesterday.

I spent the night because of the flooding and accidents that were happening on the roads out of town.

The next morning, I drove the 55 minutes to the barn and they had already started on the girls!

Since the round pen was too wet, they moved the operation into the covered arena and there was Queenie, already saddled and Adam was teaching her to give to pressure with a halter on.

Wow! Do you think you will get on her today?”, I asked him. “Larry has already gotten on her bareback”, he said. “She is doing great!”

Larry had started her father , Sparkin Pistol, and he had been just as sensible. “Didn’t I gather and rope a few calves off of Sparky the first day?’, Larry asked.

I had forgotten that. How exciting that Queenie was so fine with all of this. It was also a testament to Adam that she hadn’t bucked. He was taking his time and not pushing her, just taking it at her speed.

I walked up to her while sitting on Minnow and she recognised him and followed in behind him like she already knew what to do.

When Adam had put her up, he went to get Dora and asked for someone to walk in behind her to coax her along since she didn’t lead well. Suprisingly, she followed him to the arena like a puppy. We all laughed and hoped it was a sign of things to come.

She had other ideas about how it should all go. She stepped on him, pushed against him and generally was all over the place. I watched as I was warming up Minnow but soon he had Dora saddled and was teaching her to give to the left and right as well.

In no time, he was ready to step up into the saddle and we all waited to see how high she would jump.


Soon she was following Minnow as well. Wow.

If the rest of their training goes anything like the first day, the girls will be ready for their new owners sooner than I thought.

Just another day at the office

That makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.

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