When I Ride…

Smart Fillies…

Dora on a walk around the pen

I love hearing Adam in his Australian accent say,”This filly is “Smawt”. I like it that he thinks she is smart but the accent makes it even better.

So, Queenie and Dora have been ridden three times now. They are acting like old hands at it. Standing calmly while Adam puts the saddle on, he cinches it up snuggly and then moves them around the pen, reminding them of the previous day’s lesson. When he picks up on the lead rope attached to the halter, they need to give to the pressure.

The girls are getting so good at it that just the weight of the rope is what cues them to give their head to him.

When he steps up into the saddle, they both stand calmly while he swings his leg over their hindquarters, bumps them in the ribs with his legs and cues them  to walk. This gets the party started.

After I worked Minnow on cattle, I climbed up onto the top rail of the pen to watch the girls training sessions. Queenie is going to make someone a dependable and talented ride. Her grandfather, Shining Spark, is known for producing awesome working cow horses, roping and reining horses. Queenie could do just about anything and is pretty to boot.

Dora is a smooth ride he said. She is very responsive and relaxed. She could be a barrel racing mare, rope horse or anything her new owner would like her to do. Her father’s registered name is JE Black King. That bloodline goes back to some of the foundation lines of the Quarter Horse Association.

I’m going to enjoy riding them out in the pastures.

Queenie giving her head to the right

Here are a couple of photos of their third ride.

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