When I Ride…

Who knew…

After his bath, end of a work day

About four years ago, I was sitting in the stands above the warm up pen in Will Rogers Coliseum. I’m watching the young horses and riders get warmed up before they show in the most famous cutting horse competition, The NCHA Cutting Horse Futurity.

There is one horse I’m watching from my elevated position. He is silvery-black (Blue Roan) and as he weaves in and out of all the other colors of red, brown, cream or Palomino, he looks like a minnow in a creek.

One day, I’ll have a horse like that“, I thought. “He is gorgeous AND a cutting horse”.

It wasn’t long, I heard he was for sale. Only thing was, a little more dollars than I had budgeted for.

After a conversation with the owner, he finally got to a price that was as low as he could go. Amazingly, after I checked my savings account, that was the exact amount that was in there. That’s a sign.

GULP. Okay, God. You made the way. Here I go.

I got started with a trainer to see what we needed to do to get LB Blues Clues (“Minnow“) ready to show. It was going to take a lot of time and dollars to bring him along so I put my cutting dream on the back burner. I decided to try Ranch Horse Competitions.

In the first year he put me in the top five in the nation for Novice in the Stock Horse Association. Still, I had that little dream of showing him in cutting. It was taunting me from the background. I kept going to shows and watching, riding other people’s cutting horses and in my mind’s eye, putting myself in the saddle of the competitors I watched.

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to take the fillies to Elgin to start their training and take Minnow along for the ride. It would be fun to play around with Larry and Becci’s cattle.

Next thing I know, I’m in Hamilton, Texas this past weekend. Somehow I am showing Minnow in a class for riders who have not won more than $2000. That was definitely me.

He not only won 3rd out of twelve the first night, he went on to win his class the next night and scooped up a beautiful silver and gold high point buckle and two checks in the process. Dream realized. Lucky?

“Luck is simply being prepared when the opportunity presents itself”.

Best of all, I really know he did it for me. He doesn’t care about any of that stuff.

Minnow just went from valuable to priceless.

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  1. That’s beautiful!

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