When I Ride…

What if money was no object…

I’m starting to pull the pieces of a new dream together. I have asked myself, if money was no object, what would you like to be doing?

Well, of course it has to involve horses. Okay, and I love a hot tub with a glass of wine under the stars, even a nice dry sauna or a massage would be nice.

I know, it would be so much cooler if I had said I would like to save the world or start an orphanage in Kenya, but I will start with my corner first.

What if I co-created with a friend or two, a place in the Texas Hill Country that women could bring their own or lease from me, horses that a person could ride on 15 miles of marked trails, come back to the barn for a lesson, schedule a massage in a well-appointed restful environment, BYOB a bottle of vino to drink with friends in the hot tub, after a long ride, take a sauna or in the warm weather, hang by the pool?

What if? Would I go there if there was such a place?

What if I used my life coach training in conjunction with horses to encourage, assist and support women through the changes they would like to make in their lives?

What if it was 30 minutes from Austin, Texas?

A place of restoration in the Texas Hill Country

I’m pulling my thoughts and inspirations together. I’m starting a big bulletin board and I will create it there first. Where are all those old magazines…?

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One thought on “What if money was no object…

  1. squidley on said:

    I’m starting MY Bulletin Board TOO! Count me IN on that Co-Creating thingie! We can add some ART to the mix when we get off the horse and “cookl up” some Original Masterpieces! XOXO

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