When I Ride…

Morning message…

Ever wake up at 3:33 in the morning and you have written the first draft of something in your sleep? That’s what happened to me a couple of nights ago. Then it was on to draft two and three and not until I had it pretty securely in my mind was I able to go back to sleep. What’s up with that? Who is in charge when that kind of stuff happens? It was a letter, written to a loved one that I had no intention of writing when I laid my freshly washed face on the pillow at ten the night before. Yet there it was when I woke up. Still in my head and quickly written on my laptop after my morning hot tea on the patio. Just wrote it out…no changes.

Who really is in charge?

I read something that said we, God? and I, planned out the major events of my life before I was born. That’s kind of interesting to think about.

In the Bible it says He knew us before we were born.

I was at a funeral yesterday and the Pastor reminded us that our “earth suits” are like seeds. They look nothing like the plant/spirit that comes out of them. Who, looking at a tomato seed would ever think it would produce not only a huge bush that falls over in my garden every year but it also produces a ton of yummy, juicy, red tomatoes.

Okay, I sound off track but my question is why do I wake up about 3AM every night? Last night it was 3:03. It is just too consistent to be random and I don’t believe in coincidences anyway.

Waking from a dream

Well, I’m headed to the barn now, to start saddling the young guns. Sandy and Tom are green broke and I’m putting H.I.T.S. on ’em. Hours In The Saddle. With some time and training, they will be two of the horses I will be leasing out to customers for my new women’s retreat idea.

Yep, I’m getting prepared. Wow, it’s 9:09AM. I better run.

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