When I Ride…

Queenie and Dora head home…


Tools of the trade


The girls are ready to come home. I got the word a few days ago. Seems like it was only a couple of weeks back, I watched them being saddled for the first time and now they have  learned how to be “turn back” horses and lope, trot and stop like “big” girls.

Turn back” is the horse that is on the other side of the cow when someone is working or “cutting” cows. They keep the cow from running off or encourage it to move when it quits trying to get back to the herd.

They have to have a pretty good handle on them, turning left and right, stopping when I pull back on the reins, so if they can do all of that, I’m going to enjoy doing the rest. That will be lots of hours out in the pasture around deer, birds flying out of the brush and my dog running up behind them unexpectedly. At the barn, we will move heifers from pen to pen, open and close gates horseback and stand still while I get on and off. Hopefully I will have them sold by the end of the year.

So I’m heading to Elgin.

Adam, the young man who started them under saddle, was gone to town. So, I will ride each of the girls then load them in the stock trailer and point my truck northwest. Thank you, “Mighty Whitey“, my big, white Ford truck. What would I do without you?

After I got home, I saddled each one and rode the girls in the arena. I hadn’t been able to get Queenie to lope at the trainers so I went for it at home and finally, with a lot of huffing and puffing and a little spanking with the end of the reins, she took the correct lead and I just encouraged her to keep going. It will be easier out in the pasture where she will be looking at stuff and be encouraged to go for it. Dora was really looking at everything, her head up, ears perked. She was very “looky” but didn’t spook.


My view


In the days to come, they will get more and more confident and be a lot more fun to ride. I think I will be proud to show them to prospective buyers. Proud of the girls.

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