When I Ride…

A Blackberry in Kenya?

I got a little smarter this morning. I’m leaving for Kenya on the 3rd of November and I would like to post to my blog while I’m on the road. The posts won’t have to do with horses but it will still be cool. Anyway, I was thinking about buying a Blackberry because I could send posts from it. After I get there, I would have to by a local SIM card and pay a fee but who cares. Fun, right?

Nigel, my friend I stay with when I go, said whatever I do, don’t try it. It would take about half the day driving around Nairobi getting everything sorted out and on jet lag, he knew I would be screaming, crying and drinking heavily if I had to do that. Not pretty.

He said just to borrow his old Blackberry he doesn’t use anymore. What are friends for? Asante Sana. ( “Thank you, very much” in Swahili)

Well, after researching Blackberrys and iPhones, I still learned quite a bit and I’m still interested in a Blackberry. I could take photos with it while I’m riding and that would be awesome! I could actually show you what I saw.

But wait. Isn’t one of the reasons I ride is to get away from all that tech stuff? No TV or phone? Hmmm. I’ll sort all that out later.

I’m riding 4 green horses now. Sandy, Tom, Queenie and Dora. I have taught them all to lunge so it’s easy to get the “hump” out of their backs on a cool Fall morning. Tom and Dora are a little tender footed on the caliche rocks on the trails so I have the farrier coming to put shoes on their front feet. I ride them in the arena and Sandy and Queenie out in the pastures for now.

Leaves are starting to turn finally. The Flame Leaf Sumac was first. The west side of the plants started getting red first. It looks like the sunset washed off on them. Acorns are dropping out of the Live Oak trees and when they hit the tin roof of our house, it’s startling. We are starting to leave doors and windows open in the mornings to let cool morning air in. I wrapped up in a blanket with my hot tea to watch the sun rise yesterday from the porch. I am looking forward to the cooler weather but not the cold.

Let’s see. What do I still need for Kenya? Shorts, T-Shirts, flip flops…but no Blackberry.

Bongos and a Dama Gazelle

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