When I Ride…

Let’s get physical…

Healing hands

I fell a couple of days ago. No biggie.

A green horse spooked and jumped out from under me. Anyone who spends time in the saddle is gonna have it happen every five years or so. Oh, not to you? Ok. Just me.

ANYWAY… here I am getting ready to leave for my trip overseas and wouldn’t you know this happens. I did the usual, went to my chiropractor, put ice on everything, took an anti-inflammatory. I was talking to my brother, ex football player in college, one son who played in college, another who will probably play college ball as well.

“Maybe our physical therapist can work you into his schedule before you leave,” he said. “Well, I’m going to the chiropractor again,” I told him,”but anything that could help is what I’m all about”.

I went the next day. WOW!

I learned how different all that stuff is. Just a light touch here, holding pressure there. By the time he was finished, strength in my hip improved, the flexibility of my this and that was visibly more.  It felt good and was relativly relaxing.

I can hear the comments from here! I’m sure it’s not all that way but I feel so much better. I’m excited.

It’s not magic but it feels like it. He gave me exercises to do on the plane during my sixteen hours in the air and while driving. I do a lot of driving.

I guess what I’m hoping by telling you all this is, if you have something you are just tolerating because it’s a lot of trouble to see someone about it or it doesn’t hurt THAT much, think about going to a physical therapist just once and see if that is something you might be interested in doing again. If you have already tried it, tell us about your experience.

I believe this will enhance my quality of life and I KNOW make me stronger so I will ride better.

I’m just saying

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