When I Ride…

Kenya Here I come…

Getting it all together

As you might have read in an earlier post, my hope is to continue posting while in Kenya from a borrowed Blackberry. Still a bit sore from my tumble, I have retrieved my adventure gear from the guest bedroom closet and gotten most of it packed. I’m checking two bags. One with my clothes, skorts, t-shirts and flip-flops, the other full of goodies for my hosts. A jar of sweet pickled jalapeno and pineapples from Lampasas, Texas. A jar of jalapeno/blueberry jam, Ranch Style Dressing mix, hot drink carriers for our morning wildlife excursions and the coolest thing of all, a wildlife camera that you mount to a tree and is triggered by movement. It is infrared and takes black and white pictures in the dark. That is when it’s target, the elusive Mountain Bongo is most active. Our hosts are part of a project to count how many of that species is left in Kenya. It is one of the most endangered species in the world.

Hopefully, everything will make it. There is a young woman, Priscilla, who owns her own taxi service, there in Nairobi. She will be picking us up and transferring us to Wildebeest Camp. This is a tent hotel that I have not stayed in yet. I looked it up online after it was suggested to me and I believe I will love waking up there the next morning.

So, adios! Please be patient if posts are not regular (every couple of days) but when they do show up, I know they will be filled with all kinds of goodies and a photo or two as well. Be gone 3 weeks.

Tutaonana! (Swahili-See you later)

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2 thoughts on “Kenya Here I come…

  1. buen amigo y adiós, tienen un viaje seguro

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