When I Ride…

Habari sana…from Kenya

A view Lake Naivasha toward the shore

Made it. We are in Naivasha on a gorgeous lake and it is more or less Spring here. They call it, The Little Rains time. After our first night on the outskirts of Nairobi, in a posh tent with and actual bathroom in it, we met friends and ran a few errands in town. It is very comforting to be able to communicate with most people because this of course was an English colony at one time and many of the Kenyans are schooled in English. Of course there are Kenyans of English heritage as well and so the cities have all the modern conveniences.

Today, in Naivasha, we rent a boat and went around the lake getting too close to hippos but seeing a lot of different bird species. Lake Naivasha is known for having over 350 bird species and you can almost sit in one place and see them all. It’s really magnificent.

Last night was a mini Mtn. Bongo conference of sorts. I sat and spoke with experts in the field of bringing the Mountain Bongo back from the brink of extinction. Chabati bread and gin was for supper.

Fish cakes for breakfast this morning has given me a whole new perspective on what to have for a meal. They were tasty and at this point I am open to trying all things new.

I will be spending the night in a “hide” in the Aberdares to try and spot a Mountain Bongo for the next night or so. My next post will cover that experience.

Thanks for your patience. No photos from here apparently. I will have them when I get back.

Back online in a couple of days.

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