When I Ride…

Trigger’s Eulogy…

The last sunrise

Trigger was at least 36 years old when he laid his head down to final rest on November 20, 2010. We don’t know his exact age but he was over 20 years old when we started working at the ranch almost 15 years ago.

Trigger was a dark, golden Palomino with soft white mane and tail. He had a beautiful head with large intelligent eyes that noticed everything. Still kicking up his heels on a crisp Fall morning when he was 33, I remember being in awe, watching him jump and kick out playfully at Punkin when she ran at him one morning, nipping at his heels. When she veered off, he continued down the fence line, bucking, jumping and kicking out. Bless his heart, I thought to myself, with his arthritis, he will probably be paying for that later in the day.

He had been a young girl’s western pleasure horse back in the day and was retired to be a kid horse at the ranch. That’s exactly what he did for the next several years. Children could sit on him, pull him around and he would just slowly walk back and forth or follow a parent closely as a child thought they were riding all on their own.

My mom rode him through the bluebonnets one year when they were particularly fantastic. I knew she would be fine.

I used him as a therapeutic riding horse. Kevin had dived into water and hit his head, paralyzing himself. His right arm was spastic and bent. We lifted Kevin from the wheelchair onto Trigger and I watched Trigger move in under him and stand so still as Kevin got situated up there. Then step by step, the ride and miracle began as Kevin rode with sidewalkers. His muscles slowly warming and relaxing, stretching down with the help of movement and gravity, his arm reaching with the rein hooked in his fingers.

Trigger took care of us. He was a big hairy, golden angel and I’m grateful that my husband helped him make the transition to heaven while I was in Kenya. I know I’ll hear that whinny when I reach the other side.

Thank you Trigger. Well done.

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