When I Ride…

Present Moment…

Where have I been the last thirty minutes? I know I’ve been horseback but I can’t recall any of the birds I’ve heard, any wildlife I’ve seen. Rocking back and forth with the motion of my horse, I feel the saddle under me and I can’t think of anything I have noticed or even considered for the past half hour. Where have I been?

I woke up in the middle of the night, last night. I lie there with my eyes closed trying to remember where I was.

In nine days I have slept in Kenya, Austin, Wimberley and here at home in Walnut Springs.

Riding today has been a blur and my horse has been an exact mirror to my unconciousness. He is walking along, stubbing his toe and randomly spooking at logs and large rocks. Annoying but not enough to snap me back to the present until he throws his head up and stops in his tracks. I look and follow where his ears are pointed. A single male Sable antelope is staring at me from the brush. It snorts and crashes through the scrub until he is out of sight.

Okay, Earth to Lissa. Come in.

Time to get it together. I stop my horse and swing my leg over the saddle to get off. Standing next to him, I put my hand on his shoulder and close my eyes.

He moves away but I move with him and try again. “Just stand still, Booty”

As I close my eyes, I try to meditate standing there. I see images running through my mind’s eye. Where are they coming from? They appear, one after another and I let them go. Faces, objects and places like I’m flipping through a book.

Finally, nothing. I take a deep breath.

Standing there, with my eyes still closed, I listen for the sounds of the world around me. Birds, a plane overhead. I feel the cool breeze, feel the sun and smell the horse next to me.

I hear Booty lick his lips and I open my eyes as he takes a big sigh. He turns his head to look at me. I could swear he is smiling.

“Yea, I know” I answer. I don’t know where I was but I’m here now.

Looking for the next monster

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