When I Ride…

Legging up …

Legging up. That’s horsespeak for get up, put on your coat, walk to the barn, saddle your horses and RIDE! But it’s so COLD!

Yeah. Thing is, no one else is going to do it and my horses are standing in the pens eating and getting bigger hay bellies.

No way around it. Part of owning horses is exercising them. If I am competing in February, those bellies need to be tough, tight and lungs strong and full of air.

The sun is out and I’m grateful. It may be 40 F. with some wind but once we get going it’s really very nice. I’m long trotting Minnow through the pasture and ponying Dora, Booty and a friend’s horse, Cooper. Long trotting is a great way to leg a horse up in my opinion. You can lope him in circles but I think the trot is a muscle builder AND a wind builder. When I get Minnow collected and he really reaches out and extends we can cover some ground. It’s a great skill for the other horses as well. They learn how to travel along side and respond to my voice commands to trot, lope or stop. Okay, I confess, I really just love spending time in the pasture with my equine pals. But it’s so darn cold!

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One thought on “Legging up …

  1. Mary K. Dunn on said:

    Wish I were there with you….There’s nothing better than the smell of a warm horse on a cool day! Wishing you the Merriest Christmas.
    Love you..MKD

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