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Lunar Eclipse…


Lunar Eclipse 2010


What is it about the sky that is “magic”? Clouds, moon, stars, jet trails. Some people never look up but I think most animal or nature enthusiasts are very aware of what’s going on “up there“. I got up to take a photo of the first sunrise of the millenium. I got up to take photos of the lunar eclipse. I would never see one like this again.

I set my cell phone alarm for 1:30 AM and placed my camera on the bench by the back door. Fresh batteries, tri-pod, I was set. I knew I wouldn’t want to have to think too much that early in the morning.

When the alarm went off my husband groaned. “You can just tell me about it in the morning”, he said. “I’ll have pictures“! I offered. Nothing.

Wrapping up in my barn jacket and flip-flops, I stepped out the back door and looked up. The first thing I noticed was how bright and crystal clear the stars shown in the sky. “Wow, look at that“, I told the cat. Wasn’t expecting the added bonus. Then I saw the moon. “Oh, coool” I took my first photo. Wobbly.

I had to zoom so much, my heartbeat was making the picture fuzzy. I looked for something to tie the camera to. The swing set! Looking up, I made sure I wasn’t missing too much in all this preparation. Luckily, eclipses move pretty slowly.

I velcro-ed the camera to the swing. My attempt at the next shot was blurred from the cat jumping up to see what was happening. Try again. Shot after shot I just tried to get at least one that wasn’t blurred. Finally, after my neck couldn’t take anymore looking straight up, I threw in the towel, as they say.

I bid adieu to the night sky and went back inside.

Walking down the hall I could hear my husband snoring.

Climbing in under the covers I giggled. I had just witnessed a lunar eclipse! I smiled at the gratitude I felt for the opportunity. It’s the little things that can keep a child like magic in our lives. I’m going to start looking for more of them.

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2 thoughts on “Lunar Eclipse…

  1. Sheli Patin on said:

    I would have been up with you! We could have done a moon dance! I saw it also! It was marvelous and somehow so spiritual! A site to behold! Our secret, Kenny and JT missed out for sure! Love ya!

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