Bald Eagle in the Back Yard…


Well, not in the back yard yet. A Bald Eagle is calling the ranch home for now. It sits in the dead tree in the middle of the pond about 100 yards away and I took some photos of him being fussed at by a crow in another tree. Then I saw two over at the pond. I wish I knew if it is a nesting pair or just simply two bald eagles! This is the 5th day in a row they have shown up about lunch time.

I was talking with the game warden about them and he said that Bald Eagles have been sighted at Lake Whitney which is about 45 minutes from me.

They didn’t seem bothered at all by my pulling up in the truck to take a picture or two. I rolled my window down about half way and put a roll of toilet paper on the edge of the window to set the camera on. When I zoom like that, things get wobbly fast.

Why do I keep toilet paper in my truck? Uh…

Baldy and Crow

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