When I Ride…

Growling Truck Monster…

The Truck Monster

I told Miguel I would feed this morning. NOAA weather website said we were gonna have pouring rain and brrrr cold. I am so blessed to have help with these four-legged alfalfa vacuums but sometimes I like to just do it myself.

I piled on the layers. Camouflaged quilted overalls and my leopard print rubber boots from Target. No really! Locked the hubs on the Ford, slipped it into 4X4 and to the barn I rolled. “Punkin, wanna help”? She keeps the horses from grabbing alfalfa out of the back of the truck. Punkin loves that job. She gets to growl and lunge, teeth bared like a ferocious truck bed monster.

After loading hay we slopped along the caleche road to the horse pasture, windshield wipers slapping time like a Eddie Raven song. Poor guys. They were standing at the cattle guard shivering like… where the h&%@ have you been? Miguel is usually here by now!

I ran around to the back of the truck to pull sections of hay out. Whoosh! A gust of wind blew the crumbling hay pieces onto my wet face and they stuck like glue. I don’t care. I’m still having fun. The horses started pushing each other around to get the next flake and I stepped back to get out of the way. My leopard boot stayed there. Crap! Hopping around trying to get my foot back in the boot I must have looked like a Three Stooges skit.

I jumped back in the truck and looking in the rear view mirror, wiped the alfalfa leaves out of my eyes.

I really do love this job. No really.

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