When I Ride…

Hunter’s Eye Candy…


Whitetail Buck


Deer hunting season is winding down. Won’t be long before the bucks start shedding their antlers and I will be able to see them again. I guess I’m kind of selfish. I want the WHOLE ranch to ride in. During hunting season, if hunters are on the east side, I can only ride on the west and vice versa. It’s hard to see deer right now since they are always running for cover.

One of our friends took this shot with his camera, not his rifle. Oh, he was out hunting but this handsome guy is off-limits. I believe most land owners, especially hunters (I might lose some readers for this) are exceptional stewards of the land. When I drive into Austin and have to slow down in my mom’s neighborhood to keep from hitting the 15 deer crossing in front of me, it’s an indication that the deer population is out of balance.

Deer don’t have the predators to keep the numbers down. That has become our responsibility. Real land management involves keeping the cedar trees cut down in this part of Texas. When the conditions allow, we burn our pastures in February. It germinates grass seeds, puts ash into the soil and keeps the pastures clear of dead wood and an abundance of scrub brush.

No one has a better motivation to take care of the land than a rancher or hunter. He/She must have the trees and grass to make a living. I’ll get off my soapbox now. Time to ride out into the Indian Grass, Little Bluestem and Blue Grama Grass. Courtesy of your local rancher.

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