Wolfmoon in January…

Wolfmoon in the Haze

Full moons have names. In January, it’s the Wolfmoon. Farmer’s Almanac should have something on that. Hmmmm…let’s see. Nope, that’s last year’s. Ah! Here we are.

The First Nations people started giving full moons distinctive names in conjunction with what was happening in nature for that month. January got the Wolfmoon name due to the wolves howling hungrily outside of the villages. Game was scarce because of the deep snows.

Later, the settlers came up with their own names, ie: Harvest Moon in October or September. I guess because it has been overcast for so long here in Texas, the moon seems especially bright even though there is a light cloud cover. If you have never checked it out, the Farmer’s Almanac is fun to flip through. You can find out the best days to cut your hair, the best days for surgery! The stories are great but don’t miss the “time tested natural remedies” in the Healthy Living section.. Today (20th) ” Crazy hangover cures”.

Tonight the weather changes. A front is blowing in and it will drop into the 20’s. Look up! It won’t be the Wolfmoon for long. Next month…Full Snow or Hunger Moon.

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