When I Ride…

My Mom…

My mom, Lynne

My mom. Mother. Mama. Maman. Madre. Mzaa.  All words for mother.

My mom is strong and self-sufficient. That is why, when there was a work day out at a local museum grounds, she was dragging brush and poked herself in the eye with a stick. I’m 53 this year so you do the math on what that might make her. I have to admit though, she does inspire a lot of people.

Her friends are really crazy about her. I heard one say at a party one night, “your mom is famous“. Really?

I thought she was just “my mom“.

Turns out, she is well-known for volunteering for everything under the sun. I don’t even know what all she does but apparently, she is always being asked to join a this or that committee or board because she is tireless and dedicated to her causes. I saw a photo of her marching on the Capital against something, I don’t remember. She was so cute, and ferocious.

I think I got my passion for things from her. When we are out with friends, I smile to myself as she speaks her truth to the table. I’m learning how to just shut up and not be worried about being embarrassed. She is my elder after all! Where’s the respect?

My dad was a workaholic. He was around for the important stuff but mom raised four kids and is now an awesome grandmother, the kind that makes cookies and buys buffalo jerky to send to a grandson stationed at Camp Pendleton. She MAKES the cookies.

She has traveled the world and loves adventures. She floated down the Nile and drove the roads of Ireland. She rode a camel at Giza. She has taken each grandchild, one at a time, on a trip somewhere in the world. She went to Kenya with me last time.

She is generous with her time and her resources and loves to give dinner parties. She has an awesome Tuscan Bean Soup recipe and we get to eat outside on a massive rock table she placed in her gorgeous garden. We have been known to sip wine out there into the wee hours of the morn. Somehow, she got permission to have an aviary in her neighborhood. When she visits me, she pulls recyclable items out of my trash to take home for her recycle pick up. We don’t have that out here.

My mom is a talented portrait artist. She is one of those people who when they are really gifted at something, they don’t do it so much anymore. The world is waiting, mom, for you to paint again.

This is just a shout out to my amazing mom. My friends think your cool.

When I grow up mom, I want to be just like you.

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5 thoughts on “My Mom…

  1. Please be sure to show her your post; what a lovely tribute to your Mom!

  2. Love the post, it’s nice you love your mom sooo much.

  3. Mary K. Dunn on said:

    That is so sweet, and honest, and words I hope to hear one day! you are a great daughter and friend

  4. Beautiful. I feel like I got to meet your mom, just for a moment. Imagine getting a whole life time. I hope it’s possible to show her this. It’s a wonderful description, thank you, and tribute all in one.

  5. What a beautiful tribute to your “MOM” ! Seems to me that you have inherited her beautiful spirit and love for life. You already are that person you hope one day to become!

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