When I Ride…

“Figure it out” is on hold…

Wide Open Spaces

A Gem in the Chaos

I knew there was a gem in that mind of mine but I couldn’t see it for all the chaos.

Yesterday, I took a long walk for excercise but I took my camera. What should have been a brisk 45 minute walk turned into an hour and a half because I kept stopping to take photos. I would see something and knew there was a photo there but I couldn’t figure out how to bring it to the viewer’s eye. I took photos from all angles and then finally quit so I could move to the next shot. While I’m doing this, I’m also mentally writing a script for a submission video for a project I’m working on. It’s exhausting just remembering all this.

When I got back to the house, I took the memory card out of the camera and worked on the shots I had taken. Inserting the card back into the camera, I flipped the cover over to lock it back into place and something didn’t feel right. That seemed a little hard to close. I opened it up and tried again. Hmmm. No problem. Guess it was my imagination.

Later, I tried my camera again and it wouldn’t power up. I have tried multiple times and still no go. God took my camera away from me. Then how am I going to shoot the video? Not panicking, just a little anxious. My mind is racing to possible solutions. It’s like someone threw dirt in the water. I can’t see a way out. So I metaphorically set the glass down and gave it time to settle.

Cut to this morning. I’m out on my walk again. Thinking, thinking. Then it occurs to me how relaxing it is to not have my camera. I’m not looking for a shot because I can’t take one. I started looking around and really enjoying the scenery I take for granted. This is an extraordinarily nice day for the end of January.

Then it came to me. I can shoot the video using the webcam on my Mac. Awkward but do-able.

The two photos up top are my mind in different states. The pink bike is the gem in the chaos. The gate open to a wide open pasture was my mind when the solution came.

Let go of figuring it out and the solution will come.

I would love to read your comments about your experience with this phenomenon.

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4 thoughts on ““Figure it out” is on hold…

  1. Well,yeah,…ok.It sounds like the ‘ol can’t see the forest for the tree thingy.1st there is this thing about capturing the moment on camera cause maybe it is getting away from you.I understand because i kinda am into picture taking and I want to hold on to those things and not let go and reminence…but alas they go.I have a friend who never takes pictures on trips and I wonder whose recall is more vivid?His or mine?Who is breathing deep in the here and now?Life and things are fleeting.Grab them and hold on if it make you feel better. 2nd,concerning that the answer has been staring @ you all along and even conversing w/ you but you say to the answer, quiet! can’t you see I am looking for the answer?
    Let’s say you leave and you return and your looking @ the same dilemma but different day and the “gem in the chaos” is obnoxiously apparent.What changed?Not a thing but your perspective and the clearing of your mind.You were the obstacle,nothing more,nothing less.It always seems like such a cliche’ but it is true you have to find a way to let go and clear your mind.And then it might look like the scene in Gladiator when he finally pushes open the “gate wide open”and your home.
    I have @ times hit a wall where I just can’t break thru but have the answer appear while sleeping.You wake up and you know the answer.Disect it in your dreams,one little piece @ a time.Search on.Dream on and keep asking the question.

  2. Mary K. Dunn on said:

    So here is my experience….I run up against the wall…one, two, three times at least…then I step back…bloodied from trying to climb over…only to find out that if I step back far enough…I see that the wall is only about 12 feet long….and I could easely walk around! Most often…Jesus is standing patiently at the end of the wall…saying…”I made a way for you..” I didn’t find the way sooner because in my independant state I refused to look for help….now weary with a bruised ego I discover co-dependance on Him was only a few feet away! By the way…I re-learn this lesson often…sad but true.

  3. I love that. Thanks.

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