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Byron Katie…The Work

Whew! I did it. My husband and I drove down to Austin for two days of  The Work with Byron Katie at LBJ Auditorium over on the University of Texas campus. What a cool looking building.

What a cool workshop! The premise of The Work is so simple it almost doesn’t seem right.

Basically, you are responsible for your thoughts and it is your thoughts that keep you scared, upset and all those other things that make you suffer. Your thoughts aren’t things, they are just thoughts that you don’t have to think. If you can realize that what other people think of you is not really any of your business and that you need to stay out of other people’s business then you can have a much more peaceful life. Get it? Learn more at: http://www.the work.com

Peaceful Waters Run Deep

Of course this is a simplistic explaination but I am looking forward to putting into practice what I learned today. Afterwards,we drove out to the river house to spend the rest of the weekend and stopped at Central Market for lots of goodies to cook for our friends that will drive out and join us tomorrow.

I have already promised myself there won’t be any practicing on my friends. Little guinea pig friends.

I can hear the river from the back porch. Hope it will be a nice day tomorrow. I’m ready to lay out in the sun before the temperature drops into the 20’s on Wednesday. Lovely.

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3 thoughts on “Byron Katie…The Work

  1. Mary K. Dunn on said:

    How crazy…I listened to her video’s onthe internet this weekend, printed off some of the worksheets….and I am looking for a guine pig…maybe that should be me……would you consider walking me through The Work?…Love you more than Nordstroms

  2. I don’t feel that well acquainted with it yet but we can sure go over a worksheet together. Breakfast?

  3. ooh that is entirely too true .. often the energy we assign to an issue makes the issue bigger and more important than it deserves to be. And … the older I get, the more I just …don’t.. care. My new favorite saying? “Jimmy Cracked Corn!” (and I don’t care). Actually I do care, a lot, but I’ve let a lot of the swirling stupid petty stuff go … and the feeling of my shoulders settling back to where they should be instead of pinched up around my ears? Blissful.

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