When I Ride…

Fire and Ice…

I’m a little bummed about waking up this morning with no camera. In the shop for a week or so.

A favorit hearth, Nanyuki, Kenya

I heard the ice arrive during the night. Sleet and snow hitting the metal roof brought an excited smile to my face under the warm covers. I would normally jump up to go out and take pictures but… not this time. It’s okay. I love days like this. White everywhere, wind blowing in 40 mile per hour gusts and me in front of the fire, throwing another log on.

The horses have on their blankets, everyone has been double hayed and I have the perfect excuse to not do a dad gum thang all day!

I woke up, walked into the kitchen to put water on for tea and then looked at the fireplace. I have been collecting paper in a brown grocery bag for just this occasion. Open the flue. Light a piece of napkin and hold it by the flue to make sure the chimney is drawing. Yep. Folding the top of the paper bag over, I placed it in the fireplace and made a teepee around it of the sticks I collected on my walk yesterday. Perfect. Then come the smallish pieces of split mesquite. Matches, light! O

Ice and snow on Prickly Pear under Cedar Elm trees

nce the mesquite is really going I’ll add the bigger pieces of split oak and VIOLA! as my grandfather used to love to say. A fire!

As the paper catches, I think of how natural it all feels. Fire is security. Knowing how to build one is empowering and probably not a big deal for a guy but it is for me and some of my women friends. We have it in our toolbox of survival skills. It feels good. . Hey, husbands and boyfriends. Please be properly impressed.

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7 thoughts on “Fire and Ice…

  1. Jay Williams on said:

    A beautiful wintery day…my mother always said the sign of a “good man” was one that could build a fire…I wonder if that still holds true?…In either case the fireplace adds to the perfect setting with the wind swirling the snow outside…an excellent day to have something brewing on the stove….enjoy all God’s blessings………..

  2. I heard from my TX relatives you have a snow day today. Stay warm. It’s -26 here in NoDak and people are out and about as usual. Crazies.


  3. Not many know how to drive in this stuff but there are always the people who think they HAVE to get somewhere. We had hunters show up this morning that said the bar ditches were full of cars on the way here. -26? Sounds like Antarctica!

  4. Mary K. Dunn on said:

    Hope you got home safe and sound….woke up at 3:15am to the sound a high winds and sleet….and about every hour after that….wondering if the metal roof on our house, which is loose in several places was going to hold…..? Love the picture of the Cactus under the tree…was it a black and white?
    Loved seeing you…always do.

  5. Oh I am suitably impressed! We’re preparing to be hit with an over abundance of snow (12-16″ inches). The stores are mad, the roads are bad and it’s already started snowing … it’s beautiful and hauntingly cold. I’m hopeful the power will stay on but if not .. we have all the makings for the fireplace and will camp out in a heap in front of it. Cheers from West MI! 🙂 MJ

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