When I Ride…

Geese on Ice

Wow, what a day of ice, wind and shuffling animals around so everyone can get water. Like that old saying,”Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink”. It’s all FROZEN!

Ice in Tall Grass

We don’t get winters like this. Our water lines don’t like these below 20F days at all. There is no telling how many water lines will be broken when we thaw out. Well, it is what it is and I learned something. After your gloves freeze, your fingers stay perfectly warm. Apparently, ice is a wonderful insulator. Is that why igloos work so well?

As I pounded away at the ice in the water troughs this morning, my gloves got wet as I would break through to the water. They almost instantly froze and pretty soon, my hands were warm as toast! I got a little shovel several years ago to dig fossils with. Who knew it would be so perfect for digging ice out of the waterers?

The horses stood around and watched me, ready to drink the frigid water as soon as it was available.

Icy Fenceline

When I got back to the house, I started cleaning the knives from last night’s hunting trip. Hmmm…no hot water. No, not that the water was cold, there was just no water coming out of the faucets inside the house on the north wall. I can honestly say we are breaking records here.

Then the power went off. Okay, that’s not cool. No pun intended.

Geese on frozen pond

Thankfully, it came back on after a while. I can see on T.V. there are a lot of folks in the city worse off than me. We have plenty of wood and a super fireplace, a fridge full of food and each other. God is good.

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4 thoughts on “Geese on Ice

  1. Here we say a brave face
    Very good lyrics in a while you … always remember, come spring with new shoots of life …

  2. Mary K. Dunn on said:

    The pictures are beautiful….I thought your camera was in the shop? i love the pictures that look like they were taken with black and wite film.

  3. Your post brought back memories of my Dad on the farm, getting up extra early to blow-torch the watering bowls for the 100 cattle and 45 horses. They, too, would stand and watch him .. and they formed their own orderly line – oldest mare to youngest baby – the pecking order was firmly established. We could bring any little ones in but most stayed outside in the -40 F temps … it was the lack of water that posed the biggest danger. Herefords would huddle together, their backs to the winds, with the calves in the middle, huddled in frozen straw. Tough tough tough. Hope it warms up soon for you! It’s 8 here in West MI… but .. the sun will be out today 🙂 MJ

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