When I Ride…

Pocket Treasures…

Pocket treasures

Today, the temperature got up in the 50’s! I got so excited that I could comfortably spend time outside, that I over did it a little. I put Minnow on cattle, worked him a bit and then went for a nice long lope. I cleaned all of the paperwork off my desk and went through it creating a pile to file and a pile to toss. One of the chores I chose was to wash my heavy coat since I wasn’t going to wear it today. I spot treat the cuffs, they are always the dirtiest part, and as I turned the coat over looking for more places to treat, little objects started dropping out of my pockets.

A leaf, a crumpled paper towel, old nail, reading glasses, a fossil and chapstick. It took me back in time.

I was reminded of walking to the back door of my grandparent’s house and grabbing whichever of their  jackets was lying across the washing machine.  As I would walk down the back steps, shoving my hands into the pockets, I could feel all the little found objects nestled down in the further most reaches of the pocket. I remember finding a slightly used kleenex, a feather, some birdseed, maybe a piece of chewing gum or a twist tie. My grandmother might have had some Carmex.

That memory brought a pleasant contentment to the end of my day. After my evening walk, I lie in the grass behind the house and listened to the norther blowing in. I caught glimpses of the crescent moon between clouds. Tomorrow it will be snowing again. I feel warm and cozy in my memories. When I’m a grandparent, I might leave a oreo in there.

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2 thoughts on “Pocket Treasures…

  1. The girls will love that! hehe…

  2. Hi, it is worth remembering.
    The temperature is improving.
    Mrs. Spring comes early to the north, with good weather …
    Cruz del Sur

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