When I Ride…

Egypt Celebrates While I Drive South…

South on Hwy. 281

Hancock Springs, mineral springs in Lampasas, Texas

While the people of Egypt were celebrating their chance for a truly democratic election in the future, I was driving south through Texas. Listening to NPR (National Public Radio) the whole way to Wimberley, I heard the joy and fatigue of the protesters who had been in the Tahrir Square of Cairo for 18 days.

Born into freedom, knowing nothing but freedom, I tried to imagine the excitement and anticipation that is flowing through the streets of Cairo, Alexandria and Egypt as a whole.

I can’t.

As I drove down the highway, I observed the small Texas towns while my dog, Punkin, and I stopped to take a few pictures on the side of the road. I wasn’t questioned about where I was going or why I was a woman traveling alone. I drive freely, not a care in the world.

As we drove through Lampasas, I stopped at the historic Hancock Springs where women and men have bathed together in the mineral water for medicinal and recreational purposes since 1882.

As I reached Johnson City, I was reminded of Lady Bird Johnson‘s impact on the State of Texas by her highway beautification projects. She left an awesome legacy. The wife of a president, she is an inspiration to my generation of women.

Blanco Bowling Club, Blanco, Texas

In Blanco, I turned east toward Wimberley and felt grateful for the memories of hamburgers cooked at the grill at the Blanco Bowling Club. Good ‘ol small town Texas hospitality awaits anyone who ventures into a local spot looking for a meal and a conversation. We live in a free and wonderful country that we can change through our votes.

Blanco County Courthouse

It took us a while to get here though.

Good luck Egypt. You have been waiting for 3000 years. Congratulations.

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3 thoughts on “Egypt Celebrates While I Drive South…

  1. Thoughtful post! Isn’t it something to contemplate what this change means to the people of Egypt? Especially for those of us lucky to have been “born free.” Beautiful pictures, I sure miss that Texas sky.


  2. Keeping my fingers crossed it will still be this cloud free for the full moon. Thanks for reading!

  3. Cruz del Sur on said:

    I’m with you. Lucky people of Egypt. For the dreams of freedom …
    Great shots and a very good story
    Cruz del Sur

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