When I Ride…

My Horsey Valentine…

How I fell in love with a Minnow.

Choosing a heifer

One of my fellow horse bloggers asked how we fell in love with our horse. A treat for Valentine’s Day. Here is my and Minnow’s story:

A few years ago, I decided I had ridden enough of my friend’s cutting horses and it was time I got one of my own. They were pricey and I used to sit above the warm up pen at the NCHA Futurity and just drool, watching the show horses lope and trot, getting ready for their turn at cattle in the show pen.

One afternoon, I saw a silvery-blue roan loping a bit faster than the others and he had to slip in between and through groups of horses as he made his way around the circular warm-up pen. Watching him from above, he looked like a minnow swimming in a pond of horses.

I’m gonna have a horse like that one day, I thought to myself.

Making the "cut"

Fast forward about a year. One of my good friends says he is selling his cutting horse. The horse wasn’t ready for the show pen so he would only cost $$ instead of $$$. I would like to look at him, I told him.

“No, you don’t want this horse” he said. “He hasn’t matured.”

I went to see him anyway and it was THE horse I had seen at the futurity! Coincidentaly, he cost the exact amount I had in my savings. I bought him and named him “Minnow”

Sure enough, he was not ready to show. I found something else to do with him.

I rode him out in the pastures for about a year gathering cattle, leading trail rides and I hauled him to a few shows and just tied him up close to the arena so he could see the sights.

When I felt like he was ready to take a bit more pressure, I started training him for Ranch Horse Competitions. We both learned a lot doing that. He excelled at Ranch Trail and Working Cowhorse. We made it to the Top Five at the National Championship in the Stock Horse Association our first year.

Another year goes by and I decided to start him on cattle again. He and I had both “matured” by now and I knew a trainer who liked him so I took Minnow to his barn. We won high point for the weekend our first cutting horse show.

Minnow and his girl

LB Blues Clues, aka: “Minnow” is my boyfriend. Everyone knows it and he is treated accordingly. When I wrap my arms around his neck he never pulls away. He stands patiently, head within reach and cocks a hind leg. I have wiped tears on his neck and inhaled his sweet, sweat smell after a ride. He will try just about anything I ask of him. I know he will take care of me when we are in tricky situations. He is my love bug and best horse buddy. My horsey Valentine.

LB Blues Clues-Minnow

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11 thoughts on “My Horsey Valentine…

  1. This morning I have read your history. Very good.
    I was a rider, when I was a child. I was living in the field.
    The people and the horses live through a magic life.
    Pardon for not writing very well in English. But they are words of the heart.

    Here I wrote a history of the field man:

    • Thank you for your comment and your english is very good and easy to understand. I read the story of el hombre de campo. I liked it very much. Today I sat and had a meal with a man who is similar to your friend you write about. He also works with his hands and creates works of art with iron and has trained animals when he was younger. He remembers the old days and old ways that are slowly being forgotten here in Texas. People like these in our lives are truly treasures and I appreciate your recognition of them as well. God Bless.

  2. Cruz del Sur on said:

    Thank you Lissa for reading my histories. It is a pleasure, we are to many miles of distance.
    But we are a people that we observe the simple things. The field, the horses, the nature.
    Regards for you

  3. Cruz del Sur on said:

    When you have time. Here there is another history.

  4. A lovely story – and the pictures of you and Minnow together are beautiful.

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  6. I love, love, love this story… my favorite part? “We both learned a lot doing that.”

    I love that you wanted him, recognized him and thought enough of him to realize there was something special HE could excel at … he’s lovely and so are you! Cheers, MJ

  7. Your and your boyfriend are so cute together 🙂 A match made in Heaven!

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