When I Ride…

The onions are in…


You know it’s time to get up off your behind and take the garden tiller to the man down at the repair shop when you hear that the onion sets are in at the hardware store.

While I was in Kenya last year, I just walked away from the garden and let everything go to heck. Sure enough, the coastal bermuda invited all of it’s weedy friends and they had a party while I was gone. The photo above is the before…

After I trimmed the rosemary up, pulled out half of the giant oregano and pulled out a few more things, it wasn’t as daunting a task. Then I tried to start the tiller. It’s a pull start and after my husband and I both threw our shoulders out trying over and over to get it going, I load it into the truck and drove to town.

Dirt Dauber, mam‘” the repairman said.” Yep, built his nest right here in the exhaust tube”

So now I’m back at the ranch and with the tiller chugging away, I attack the coastal grass. I know….even my mom said that was a mistake. I’m going to spread it everywhere by chopping it up but it is so thick and the roots so deep, it just felt good going after it with a machine. Sickly satisfying.

Onions under wire...

So I finally got it cleared out enough to put the onions in the ground. It will be an ongoing process of course but this year I am bringing a chair to the garden I think I will put it over by the rosemary. I hung antler sheds on the little windmill and took a small wind chime out there. The wire is to keep the barn cats from turning the garden into a giant kitty box. High fence to keep the deer and goats out. Next…Kale and Chard. We are greens lovers at our house. I brought some cool seeds back that I bought in Naivasha. Greens Kenya style!

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2 thoughts on “The onions are in…

  1. Mary K. Dunn on said:

    WOW…..that looks like a ton of work! Congrats on the end result…..can’t wait for progress pictures……! Have a great week.

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