Headshots and Weather…

Stormy Sky

I have been pursuing a couple of new projects on the side. An acting coach acquaintance suggested I update my headshots. If you don’t already know, those are the photos your agent has in the office to market you as a product.

I wanted some general use photos and had a chance at a time slot with a cinematographer from Ohio, Dan Parsons. He was going to be only two hours away for one day, so I grabbed an appointment slot.

My goal prior to this was for me to find a blouse on sale that was a good color for my skin tone. Then I bought  fresh make-up because I don’t wear it often and it had gotten dried out.

No wine and a light supper the night before and I was ready. I woke up to a downpour. The first rain of the spring! I had to smile. This was going to be a great experience, I could feel it.

Seems like there is always some kind of obstacle when the outcome is going to be fantastic.

Driving down the highway, I passed a car that had slid off the road and rolled into the ditch. That was my sign to slow down. God, would get me there in plenty of time.

As I pulled up to the auditorium where the shoot was taking place, the rain came to an abrupt halt. I say abrupt because as I found my parking spot, one moment I couldn’t see how close I was to the car next to me and the next moment I could. Thanks God.

My appointment was at 1:30PM and I got there at 12:30PM. See?

Behind the Camera

When Dan showed up, he couldn’t have been nicer or more professional. Lighting reflectors were hand held by an assistant so we could easily change locations and since it had stopped raining, we shot outside in that great natural light. I looked at the shots afterwards and I’m excited to see the finished product. I learned a lot about how to hold my head, relax my eyes and how the way hair sits on your shoulders can have a slimmimg effect if done correctly. Who knew?

Dust Storm at Sunset

As I drove home, a cold front started blowing in from the west and it brought a dust storm with it. God, you’re funny.

3 thoughts on “Headshots and Weather…

      1. The photography grants incredible possibilities to us. Always I am with my chamber trying to look for the best photography. It has quantity of adrenaline …
        It is like to be going to look for a dream

        Adios, Lissa…

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