When I Ride…

Busting Out…

Think "elbows" for Elbow Bush!

Spring is sprouting all around me here in North Central Texas. The Elbow Bush is blooming, one of the first plants to let loose up here. The stems come of the main branch at about a 90 degree angle. Hence, the name. The Bluebonnet seedlings are getting bigger but some are still in their “wooly” stage. So cute!

Little "wooly" bluebonnet seedling

The larger animals must be shifting territories because we had one of our older elk cows walking through the yard yesterday and today, one of the Sable bulls is in with the heifers.

Sable in with the girls

Well, this strong, little sprout is pushing its way up in the road. Memories of snow and ice, long gone. The seasons change so fast here. Horses are shedding their winter coats and the birds are busy picking up the stray strands of hair and flying up into the trees to make nests that will soon be hidden by the new, lime green leaves.

Please excuse the elementary observations of Spring in its process. There is so much to see and I am very glad to see it.

Sprout in the road

My grandfather’s brother, Dan Storm, wrote a column for the Ruidoso News, in New Mexico for many years. It was called The Silver Lining. It was a local interest column and filled with great lines like, ” the cottontail came up to water in the yard again today and Camilla had her Spring calf. It is already kicking its heels up as it runs down to the creek”. Guess I come by it naturally. Hard not to walk around with a big, goofy grin on my face.

Wild Plum's white blossoms in the brush

I love Spring!

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4 thoughts on “Busting Out…

  1. The spring always in the beginning of a new stage.
    Good photographies, good statement…

  2. Thanks for the wonderful reminder that spring is here!

  3. Music for the spring

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