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Texas Independence

State Seal

Yesterday, March 2, was Texas Independence Day. Texas Independence Day is the celebration of the adoption of the Texas Declaration of Independence in 1836. This meant that the settlers in Mexican Texas officially broke from Mexico, creating the Republic of Texas.

I am obnoxiously proud to be a Texan. I know. What’s the big deal? Everybody is from somewhere and every state has a cool and interesting history.

I think it was the way I was raised. I heard a lot while I was growing up…”When your great, great, grandfather/mother came to Texas…” Especially on my mother’s side of the family because my father was from Tennessee. Of course I knew all about the volunteers that came from Tennessee to help in the fight for independence. Hence the nickname,  The Tennessee Vols.

Oh, you haven’t heard of them? I have. Anyway…

Texas Historical Commission Emblem

The “Lone Star” is everywhere in this state. It was an older symbol, used before the flag was even created, to symbolize Texans’ solidarity in declaring independence from Mexico.

Lampasas city sign

I never realised how many people and business’ use the star as decoration until I started looking yesterday. Mailboxes, real estate signs and yes, even little “stuff and things” stores.

Lone Star Decor


My husband is from Kingsville. That is a whole ‘nother kind of pride. SOUTH Texas doesn’t even start until you get below San Antonio, according to him. Brush country, the Valley and King Ranch. They even crease their hats differently down there.

Oh and that’s where they have REAL mexican food. Don’t get me started.

Yea, I love being from Texas. “Oh empire wide and glorious, you stand supremely blessed”

Texas State Flag


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3 thoughts on “Texas Independence

  1. Lissa, the stars are always in the lives of men.
    Texas a different place, with lots of history, remember the battle, “The Alamo”
    Visit Houston twice, very good.
    Also the horses are part of the success in the history of Texas. My appreciation to those horses ..
    ¡A good story, Lissa!
    Cruz del Sur

  2. You know someone is a horseman when he is appreciative of the part they played in history. Gracias Cruz

  3. Having lived in Houston I completely- 100% and totally “get” the “proud to be Texan” thing. Lived it; loved it. There’s a fierce independence that ran through every Texan we met; that spirit, coupled with genuine friendliness and reverence for the land known as “God’s country.” Once you’ve experienced Texas it leaves you slightly breathless and wanting more. It’s hot, tough living at times but its quiet beauty and impressive size just never leaves your soul; I still long for the friendly faces, wide open spaces, and the little cowtowns of Texas. Great post!

    PS – you’d love Saskatchewan – the “land of living skies” – friendly people, wide open spaces, tough living and the most hospitality you’ve every experienced .. since leaving TX.

    🙂 MJ

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