Views from the Truck…

Hindsight is 20-20

My life is in transition. I live on the ranch in North Texas but my roots are in Central Texas. My heart has been pulled back in that direction more intensely during 2010. Here  I am three months into 2011 and the pull has become so strong that I now spend quite a bit of time on the highway that runs between both locations.

Driving can be a meditation of sorts when you cover that particular piece of pavement on a regular basis. In my mind, I’m putting together the barn, round pen and office of a new location. In my mind, it all takes place on our family ranch that has fallen into disrepair but still holds vestiges of the old, grand ranch waiting to be resurrected. In my mind, I am teaching new students the basics of western horsemanship on old, reliable Quarter Horse geldings.

Waiting for his rider

In my mind, the old barn has been repaired and is a warm, dry safe haven for my equine friends.

The Old Barn


In my mind, the office sits on the pier and beam foundation of the old manager’s home that burned down years ago.

Old Burned Out House


I my mind, the old cistern is full of cool, clear well water to refresh horse and rider alike.

Old Rock Cistern


My Pastor says you have to go there in your mind first before you can go there in reality.

So, in my mind…

8 thoughts on “Views from the Truck…

  1. Ahh! This post makes me really miss riding. My best friend in high school was a horse trainer so I got to ride all the time with him. Since he moved to Texas and I started college in PA I haven’t gotten to ride in the past 4 years.

  2. Oh I am so there with you. In my mind the barn outside my window is good as new, waiting for an event or to be used as barns are meant to be used. In my mind I have three cabins up and running for guests. In my mind this little ranch house has a new floor and the basement is clean. In my mind the snow is gone and I am all set to get to work. We’ll get there girl!

  3. Great post….I can’t help but read it…knowing you are a great coach…and knowing you know the next question to ask….I hope you take up on the journey with you….Mary

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