When I Ride…

Cats are like Cinnamon…

This is what greet me at the back door this morning. Nadia (after the gymnast), my bossy, fat cat was sitting next to it looking up at me.

Killdeer Head and Wing

Well, thank you, but I just ate“, I told her. I find little bits of animals like this occasionally. A tail, leg or stomach looking thing are not unusual. Like I’m some kind of Cat God to bring offerings to.

Miss Nadia

Cats are interesting, I never quite get ’em. I like that she likes me though. She follows me on walks, like a dog. She hangs with me while I’m watering flower beds. Even if I accidentally on purpose sprinkle her. I’m mean like that.

Barn cats are something else altogether.

Barn Cat

Half wild, wanting to be yours, they walk without fear between the legs and in the rafters above horses.

Barn Cat2

Once I had a colt tied to the fence, maybe his third or fourth saddling. I saw the cat walking along the top rail of the fence but it never occurred to me it would jump over onto the saddle.

Walking the Railing

It stood there for about 3 seconds, then jumped off. The colt didn’t set back until it jumped off. Can’t say I thought to train for that particular scenario.

Cats are the cinnamon in my oatmeal of life. I have just enough to keep it interesting.

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7 thoughts on “Cats are like Cinnamon…

  1. mndunn26 on said:

    YUK>…..to the first picture….great to the third one…..
    I had an Akita once…one of the last domesticated breed….brought me cats……we lived next to an attorney who had 5 when we moved in…6 months later there was one! YIKES……Amos…my sweet Rottie…brings me sticks….I like sticks….thank you very much.

  2. Essential for the barn cats …
    The mice think differently!!!

  3. squidley on said:

    You ARE “Miss Nadia’s” Goddess!
    MoM LOVED this when I read it to her from my BlackBerry…..so, I ran home and printed it for her to see the pictures better!
    Thank-You for sharing the essence of kitties and the comparison to cinnamon is SO TRUE! They add just enough “spice” to keep it all interesting!
    I know my Lucy & Johnny do! We are still missing their mother Tabitha and brother Canyon!
    L & J and Me—-we’re dreaming of those wide open spaces down south TOO!


    “……accidentally on purpose sprinkle her!”

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