When I Ride…

That Ah-Ha Moment…

When I’m working with a horse who is stuck, when he just doesn’t get it and he doesn’t want to get it, I easily slip into the slow and generous mode and I think to myself but I’m really talking to him…that’s ok. You take as long as you want to get this because I have all day and you are the only thing I am interested in at the moment.

Follow me

When he gets it , that instant where he licks his lips, takes a deep breath and starts to relax, that brings a huge smile to my face. I had trouble in school too. I know how it feels to finally get it.

I am still surprised by what motivates me. It is hard for me to think of this as a real way of making a living because I don’t have to struggle to do it. Sure, it’s a lot of work but it isn’t labor. When an artist picks up the brush, is that work?

No, I am not an artist. But I am a teacher. C’mon, horse. Follow the leader.

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4 thoughts on “That Ah-Ha Moment…

  1. Ooh the licking the lips moment got me; I remember my horse doing this… and didn’t the horse whisperer dude talk about that being a clue of theirs? Good on you being patient … sometimes that’s all that’s needed, right?
    Great post,

  2. Yes! Monty Roberts, John Lyons, Craig Cameron…all these guys talk about the horse lingo and what to look for. Now if someone could just teach me about telepathy!

  3. A good teacher, a horse that promises to learn. All good seasonings for a good painting, it takes time but the result is rewarding.
    It is good to visit your blog …

  4. Yes, there is great reward in working with horses. They are like a medicine to me. Thank you for visiting.

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