Endurance on an Arab…

Cool, Damp Spring Morning


One’s ability to succeed, is always proportional to one’s willingness to fail.

Today, I stepped out and did something I haven’t done before. A veterinarian friend brought two of her endurance horses over, both Arabians, and we rode for three hours up and down hills for about 16 miles at a fast trot and gallop. It was a blast.

Before we trot away from the barn, she asked, “Do you want to take an ibuprofen”?  Uh oh…huh? Was my answer.

You will feel a lot better tonight if you do, she added. “No, I’m good” …aren’t I?

Endurance pad

The weather was perfect, a little bit of drizzle but I had a helmet on and a windbreaker. So far so good. The trees are turning green, the flowers are poppin’, we are rocking along at a pretty good pace and I am having so much fun. My knees are starting to talk to me a little but I’m thinking…I am so proud of myself that I like to try new stuff! Why play it so safe? I’m going to start saying YES to more things.

We got back to the barn and put the horses in stalls, then walked to the house. Crunch, crunch, is that my cartilage?

My husband, Jay, loves to cook. He has been learning how to cook Indian Food. Last night he grilled lamb chops with cumin, chile powder, turmeric and some other cool stuff rubbed on.

Indian Spices

That’s what we ate when she and I sat down for our after ride lunch. Then it started raining. Awesome!

After she left and I sat down with something warm to drink, I got nice and comfy. Then I tried to get up. My knees and lower back screamed…No…sit back down!

Actually, I’m feeling pretty good considering past injuries. Actually, I might like to do that again, soon. Well, let me see how I feel in the morning. Where is the ibuprofen?

4 thoughts on “Endurance on an Arab…

  1. Field photography is spectacular, great color range. To ride good horses and let them run around the field is flying in a dream. Knee, cartilage, may hurt, but the satisfaction makes us forget the pain. Congratulations for the narrative.
    Ibuprofen. + – Always Riding
    Adiós Lissa

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